What is Jilbab Abaya?

The JILBAB is one of the concerns in hijab that causes the most confusion. Some sisters claim that the jilbab isn’t far away and that “shalwar kameez with a headscarf are acceptable.” Others argue that the term “jilbab” is now used in Arabic to denote to a very specific style and type of garment, and that Allah SWT could not have intended for all Muslim ladies to wear only this sort of garment. After reading the same questions and assertions often, I decided to produce an essay outlining the answers to the following questions: what is the jilbab? Is it too far to put one on?

For the purposes of this essay, we will assume that we have no knowledge of Arab culture or the styles of clothing worn by Arabs. We only have the Quran and the Sunna to go on, as well as the works of scholars who have dedicated their lives to studying the Quran and Sunna. Muslims, after all, are expected to be guided solely by the Quran and Sunna. As a result, I will frequently refer to the garment known as a “jilbab,” and I ask my readers to suspend any understanding of the sort of garment known as a “jilbab.”

 What does the Shari’a say about the “jilbab” garment?

Surah al-Ahzab ayah 59 (33:59) of the Quran says: O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters, as well as the women of the faithful, to wrap their JALABIB tightly about them, so that they will be recognised and not irritated. And God is Forgiving and Gentle at all times.

The plural form of “jilbab” is “jalabib.” This ayah clearly mentions that Muslim women must wear a garment called “jilbab” by Allah SWT.

Benefits of a Jilbab Abaya

Wearing a Jilbab Abaya has a variety of benefits for women. They are, first and foremost, a cool-weather clothing option. If you don’t want to show too much skin, especially down your legs, but still want to stay cool, use a loose, light-colored garment. Each of these requirements was met by Jilbab abayas, making them an outstanding choice.

You can also wear a Jilbab Abaya in a variety of situations. A Jilbab abaya is perfect for weekend errands, going out to a nighttime party, or even working in some office situations. Having such a diverse option can make outfit preparation much easier and save you money by eliminating the need to buy fresh items for each sort of function.

Finally, the Jilbab Abaya is breathtaking. There are so many various styles to choose from that you’re sure to discover a few that you like. You may then switch up your Jilbab Abaya alternatives so you’re not wearing the same one all the time. If you want to be a bit of a trendsetter while yet keeping comfortable in the heat, a Jilbab Abaya is the way to go.

Length: The length is the most crucial aspect to consider while picking the proper abaya for you. Abayas should always cover your full body and not be shorter than a few centimeters below your ankle.

Fabric: Consider the season when purchasing an abaya. Choose light-weight abayas in the summer and heavy, layered abayas in the winter. One thing to keep in mind is that your abaya should first and foremost make you feel conformable, then the design!

Sleeve length: Unless the design stipulates otherwise, make sure the sleeves on an abaya are at least wrist length.

Color: Women’s abayas are traditionally not fashioned in bright or spectacular hues. Choose neutral or dark hues to keep the aesthetic clean and simplistic.

How to choose the right Jilbab Abaya

Because there are so many various designs of Jilbabs and abayas, you should consider where you plan to wear them. If you plan to wear your Jilbab Abaya at night, for example, you may want to choose a more formal Jilbab Abaya, such as one with sleeves or made of a luxurious fabric. For daytime wear, opt for a casual and versatile Jilbab Abaya. Pair your Abaya with a pair of flat sandals and a basic handbag to complete the relaxed look.

Last but not least, consider whether you’ll be wearing heels with your Abaya. Adding heels will raise you off the ground significantly, so check the length of the Abaya before walking out to make sure it still looks proper.

Complete your wardrobe with Jilbab Abaya

Choosing suitable attire is a crucial element of this process. Purchase a couple Jilbab Abayas to assist you in deciding what to wear. You won’t have to worry about what to wear the next time you go out to dinner or to an outdoor business function if you choose ones that are suited for diverse settings. Hopefully, this tutorial has convinced you of the benefits of wearing a Jilbab Abaya and encouraged you to add one to your wardrobe.