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ZAINAB ABAYA is a well-known Selling Islamic wear brand that provides a wide range of high-quality Abayas, Abaya Maxi, Abaya Gown, Kaftan, Jilbab scarves, hijabs, and accessories. We are here to make online shopping for Islamic women’s wear easier in order to empower Pakistani women. We hope to provide an online one-stop shop for all types of abayas and hijabs. So, if you’re looking for the best-selling abaya in Pakistan abaya store, you’ve come to the right place. You can get free shipping across Pakistan on orders worth more than PKR. 3250/-.

History of Islamic Clothing

Certain rules govern how men and women should dress in Islamic (Muslim) clothing. Clothing will vary depending on the climate and culture of each country. However, some dress traditions have emerged in Islam, particularly for women. While women in the West wear clothes that reveal their arms, legs, and body shape, some devoted Islamic women choose to cover their limbs, structure, and faces.
The origins of this are unknown, but the history of Islamic dress is typically told through the lens of Islamic women’s clothing. Women wore veils before Islam in ancient Greece, Persia, and India. By the second Islamic century, veils were being worn as a status symbol. By the 10th century, Middle Eastern countries had enacted legislation mandating the wearing of veils. Today, some countries, such as Turkey, have made the most dramatic form of Islamic dress for women illegal. What a woman wears today is a combination of her preferences, traditions, and the degree to which she adheres to tradition. – 24×7 Online Muslim Clothing Store for Women

Zainab Abaya is the best-selling modern Islamic clothing online shopping platform for Muslim women, founded in 2013. Browse our latest collections of Abayas, Hijabs, Kaftans, Jilbabs, Maxis, Scarves, and other global brands. Where you can see the latest abaya design, abaya for girls, Abaya dress, you can also see abaya mall, Taliban abaya, Saudi abaya design online and stylish abaya design. As we all know, modest Islamic clothing varies depending on culture and country. Location, social status, climate, education, faith, and other factors influence Islamic dressing styles or Muslim fashion. We offer comfortable and appropriate Islamic attire for anyone looking for modest fashion and stylish Muslima fashion. There is now a wide range of Islamic Women’s clothing available. Abayas, Hijabs, Niqabs, Kaftans, Burqas, Scarves, and other similar garments are the most popular.
It is critical to recognize the needs of Muslim women, especially as the fashion industry becomes more representative and diverse. Accept this new situation and make changes in fashion. As modest fashion continues to grow and carve out a niche for itself. Because it is more than just a fashion statement; it is a way of life.


A famous quote for Muslim women who wear trendy modest Islamic wear is “A woman modestly dressed is like a pearl in its shell.” We can find modest fashion dresses in traditional Arabic women’s clothing. We are tired of the traditional look these days. As a result, the majority of them are looking for trendy and fashionable Muslim clothing online.  Zainab Collection offers the modern and trending fashion of a variety of dresses at the best discounts and prices.

The Most Common Islamic Clothing Styles

We have compiled a list of the most notable ethnic clothing for women in the modern era. This common type of Muslim attire is worn as both modern and traditional attire. Let’s look for all of the clothing options on Zainab Abaya. Online shopping for modest Islamic clothing such as abaya, hijab, burqa, and more.


It is a popular veil worn by many Islamic women, similar to headscarves. Hijab is a head and neck covering. Hijab is a popular garment in the Arab world and the West, with major brands such as Zainab Abaya launching a sports hijab for female athletes.


Abaya is another loose garment popular in many parts of the world, including North Africa and Arabian countries. Abaya, which is essentially a cloak, is a robe-like dress that was initially only available in black. Abaya Online are now available in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as embroidered designs that can be worn on special occasions.


Burqa is another type of veil that covers the entire body, head, and face, with only the eyes visible. Burqa is still widely worn in Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen, as well as Muslim-majority countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

A Wide Selection of Muslim Women’s Modest Dresses

We have a diverse selection of Islamic Tunics, Tops, stylish Abayas, and even a trendy hijab collection that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re at work, at a casual outing, or at a dinner party, our Islamic clothing for women online will make you stand out. Nothing could be more fitting for your vibrant personality than our carefully curated collection of modest clothing for Muslim women. Modest Forever strives to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible!

Choose your style from our extensive collection of modest Islamic clothing and make a statement as a modest Muslim woman.

Modern Abaya Dress: Beautiful Islamic Women’s Clothing

In Islamic culture, the abaya is regarded as one of the most important pieces of women’s clothing. It is a graceful, beautiful gown with the original essence of preserving Islam’s dignity. Abaya is a loose-fitting robe worn around the body to cover all but the face, hands, and feet. Women must wear this Muslim dress when they leave their homes. Zainab Collection Online Store has a wide selection of traditional and modern abaya styles.

The History of the Abaya Dress

There are numerous debates about the origins of this attire, but they are difficult to track down. Some believe that this Islamic dress is over 4000 years old and originated during the ancient Mesopotamian civilization. The abaya was mentioned even when the Islamic Community was founded in the seventh century. Some people also believed that women’s clothing should only cover their hips; however, when Islam emerged, women were encouraged to dress modestly in order to gain more respect and honor. This is how abaya was discovered. However, there is no proof of this abaya invention. It is now one of South Asia’s most visible Islamic outfits. It is now available in a variety of styles, and women no longer have to limit their experimentation to black abayas.

Women’s Abaya Dress Styles

  • Closed Abayas:

These are the traditional abaya dress styles for women who want a simple and sophisticated look.

   Open Button Abayas:

 This style of dress has a cape-like appearance and an open front with a button to close it.

  • Abaya Cardi:

 This abaya dress style features a cardigan-like design that resembles a long shrug.

  • Abayas in Dubai Style:

 These abaya dresses have a traditional feel to them but also look very sophisticated. It has a unique clothing style and is cut with perfect flare and flow, making it a must-have for modern women.

  • Butterfly Abayas:

 These opulent abayas are ideal for formal occasions, with a flared and flowy design that makes the wearer appear glamorous.

Kaftan Abayas:

 These abayas are great for covering up your figure. It has a loose gown style and is loose, chic, and contemporary.

  • How to Choose the Best Abaya Dress for Your Body Type

Because it is impossible to try on an abaya dress before purchasing it online, knowing your size is critical. Try to shop based on your body type.

  • A pear-shaped body has slim arms and shoulders, but larger thighs, hips, or buttocks. They should dress in an abaya with a flared bottom and tight sleeves. An umbrella abaya dress or an Anarkali abaya would be the best choice.
  • Apple-Shaped Body has a heavy top, broad shoulder, fuller bust, waist, and upper back; thus, they should buy a loose-fitting abaya or basic abaya designs like a butterfly, front open, or flared Abayas.
  • Hourglass Body Type has a larger bust, hips, and waist and should wear an abaya with a loose fit and a wider bottom. They’d look best in a Dubai abaya gown.

The Rectangular Shaped Body, which has a balanced shape, is the most common. They are free to wear whatever abaya dress they want. Avoid flared designs, however, for a sleek appearance.

Take accurate measurements and understand your body shape before you start shopping online.

How to Choose the Right Hijab and Abaya

The majority of Muslim women prefer to cover their heads with a Hijab and an Abaya. However, it appears to be a major fashion faux pas when these two pieces of clothing do not match. As a result, it is critical to select your hijab wisely while keeping your Abaya’s color in mind. Try neutral colors like latte, mocha, or light blue for a balanced look. Pinks and reds are also good choices for a neutral look. Abayas should be paired with solid-colored hijabs and vice versa. You can experiment with prints if your abayas are solid colors.

Muslim Abaya Dress Fashion Online for Women

Zainab Collection Online Store allows you to find a variety of abaya styles and designs on the same platform, where you can buy based on size, fabric, style, design, colors, and occasion preference. You will be able to order high-quality authentic Islamic outfits from anywhere in the world, and they will be delivered to your door in the shortest time possible. This will save you time and make your abaya shopping experience more enjoyable.


We are a group of energetic people from various foundations who are all passionately pursuing our central goal of making an existence where each lady feels good and confident as per Allah’s (SWT) regulations, which are directed by receptiveness, regard, and development, imagination, and obedience. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs, so we use premium quality fabric, the best machine work designs, and select graceful colors. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!