Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The privacy of the Zainab collection’s consumers is extremely important to them. We usually go to great lengths to ensure that our customers’ privacy is protected at all times. The company keeps the buyer’s information private and strictly adheres to the privacy policy outlined below. We advise that each individual carefully reads each clause. Please be aware that by using this website or purchasing any goods from the Zainab collection, you are agreeing to our privacy policy in its entirety.

Officials from the Zainab collection have provided the following information to keep our visitors up to speed on our privacy practices. This privacy statement seeks to tell you about the information we gather about you when you visit our website, as well as how we utilize that information.

  • Information about yourself

When someone visits our website, Zainab Collection collects information. Your name, e-mail address, mailing address, shipping address, billing address, and phone number may be among the information collected. This data is taken to ensure that your order is delivered without any confusion or mismanagement. This information, however, is treated as fully secret and will not be shared with anyone else. The only reason we collect your personal information is to process your order through the systems of our payment service provider.

  • Information on Searching

Apart from collecting personal information, Zainab Collection also saves navigational data in order to improve our users’ experience. Non-personally identifiable information, such as your browser account, domain, service provider, and IP address, may be stored and processed. This data is gathered in order to better understand visitors’ behavior, needs, and expectations in order to improve our website’s performance and offerings.

  • Information on Billing

Your billing information (such as credit card information) is confidential and must be kept secure. As a result, Zainab Collection never shares any of your transaction or billing information with a third party. The data is encrypted and sent over only the secure channels required to deliver your goods.

As a result, in the event of a disaster (for example, an online breach of transactional data), Zainab Collection will not be held liable or responsible for any losses.

  • Utilization of Data for Marketing Purposes

Your personal information may also be accessed by Zainab Collection for internal marketing and demographic studies. We may contact our clients and visitors via numerous means in the future to alert them about deals, new products, or services unless they opt-out of receiving our regular updates. New goods, features, enhancements, special offers, upgrade chances, contests, events of interest, and one-time marketing promotions can all be sent to our consumers by email.

  • Using Third-Party Channels to Share Data

Zainab Collection’s website visitors’ traffic, sales, wish lists, and other commercial records are frequently collected. Third-party channels may or may not be given access to this information. This set of data, on the other hand, does not include any of your personal information that may be used to accurately identify you as a person.

  • Your Access to and Control Over Information

Each of our users and customers has ultimate discretion over the data that Zainab Collection keeps on them. You can amend your information by heading to the ‘my account section of our website and changing or deleting anything.

We give you the right to

  • See what data we have about you, if any, in order to make our data usage and procedure visible.
  • Modify or amend any information we have about you.
  • Request that we erase any information we hold on you.
  • Express any concerns you have regarding our use of your information as soon as possible.

Using your password and user id, only you or, upon your request, the customer service department can access your data from the website. Information may be changed online within account details, address book, and my email preferences. You can change or delete saved credit/debit card details each time you make a purchase.

You will also be able to delete saved credit/debit card details by adding or editing a shipping/billing address.

  • Changing Information While an Order Is Being Processed

If you want to modify your billing or shipping address while your order is still being processed, it will be re-processed after security validation checks. Zainab Collection, on the other hand, shall not be held liable for any loss once the order has been dispatched. Customers can always contact our customer service representatives for further information by calling or emailing [email protected].

  • Privacy Policy Rights 

Privacy Policy Rights Zainab collection maintains the right to update or amend the policy at any moment and without notification under any circumstances.

  • Considerations or Queries

Please contact us by email at ([email protected]) if you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy.