About us

About us

We understand why mainstream brands and fashion corporations have long disregarded the modest dressed who always loom in the background. This is where Zainab Collection enters the picture. We fill an obvious gap in the market that has never been filled before. Or, at the very least, not in the way we do it. Zainab Collection, founded in 2013, is a luxury Abaya brand that exceeds consumers’ expectations by providing flawless poise and style. We seek to bridge the gap between modesty and style, making modest garbs that are attractive and accessible to everyone. We have been at the top of the list of global online Abaya businesses for over a decade. We want every woman to take the joys of the modern world and pursue them with dignity, thus we’ve created the biggest Abaya online purchasing platform.

Our Large & Diverse Product Line:

Modesty is more than a fashion statement; it’s a way of life. However, modesty should not be interpreted as a restriction on one’s capacity to express oneself through fashion; rather, it should be viewed as an empowering choice. The Zainab collection allows you to wear adaptable Islamic modest attire without sacrificing your style, morals, or functionality. We have a large selection of casual abayas, semi-formal abayas, and luxury Dubai abayas, all of which exude an opulently sophisticated and majestic air. Our hijabs and chadars are created to fulfill the aesthetic needs of our consumers, while our burkinis allow women to balance their beliefs and lifestyles while still being able to do what they love. Each of our goods is infused with designer knowledge and crafts influenced by worldwide trends and fashion craftsmanship. We take pride in providing our customers with a variety of options based on their preferences, while also ensuring that the design is decency and grace-filled, allowing all ladies to enjoy their femininity in light of the right religious interpretation.

Our Unique Quality:

 As the Zainab collection expands, we strive to improve the experience of wearing hijab and abayas. The brand creates products of the highest quality textiles and impeccable finishing, combining cutting-edge fabric technology with attentive design. Each abaya in our collection is made entirely of nada Korean georgette and exhibits the highest level of elegance. We distinguish ourselves as an international ethnic fashion company with the cheapest Dubai abayas and hijabs that are also of exceptional quality and style.

Our inspiration:

Your commitment to dressing modestly should be rewarded with things that actually help you live more comfortably. Our goal is for our goods to give every woman the courage to face each day with grace and refinement. With deep roots in the UAE, we hope to represent the trendy world of abayas and ethnic hijab culture on a global scale. Changing the minds of those who believe modest clothing cannot be fashionable. As a result, we want to set an example by establishing Zainab Collection, a global online Abaya store.


We are proudly Pakistani.