Zainab Plates Maxi Abaya with Embroidery – 0962

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Zainab Plates Maxi Abaya with Embroidery -0962

The Zainab Plates Maxi Abaya with Embroidery is a traditional Muslim clothing item worn by women. It is a long, loose-fitting gown that covers the entire body, similar to a traditional abaya. The main difference is that it is a maxi style abaya, which means it is longer than a regular abaya and falls to the ground. Additionally, it has Embroidery on it, which gives the abaya a unique and stylish look. The embroidery could be a simple or a detailed pattern, and it could be made with different colors of thread. The embroidery design could depict plates shapes, this could add visual interest and a unique style to the abaya. The plates embroidery could be added on different parts of the dress, such as the front, back, sleeves or hemline.


Model is wearing 56 size Abaya

Washing Instructions

Avoid washing, bleaching, tumble drying, and winging; only use dry cleaning and stream.