Add style to your hijab with our stylish hijab & Hijjab pins.

Hijab pins and brooches are essential accessories for creating modest looks. Our scarf pins are designed to securely keep any fabric together without knots, allowing you to quickly put together any hijab style.


They stand out with their luxurious patterns that have a grand appearance in shawl styles. A stunning Chadar collection that makes you amazed when worn with your favorite, charming style. Zainab collection has brought to you the most exquisite Chadar Collection available in lightweight chiffon with a subtle with a dazzling embellishment. It’s the perfect look for every event. Wear in a variety of designs either plain or embellished, the shawls of the brand that represent your best appearance


hijab, which is a headcover worn by women of Muslim faith, is a symbol of modesty as well as religious devotion. A scarf covering most of the hair is the most common hijab. The scarf covers the neck, falls below the shoulders and covers the upper chest. It can also be sufficiently long to cover the upper back and shoulders, and flow down below the elbows. The Arabic word hajaba is the root of hijab, which means ‘to hide’ or conceal.

Hijab Cap

  • Hijab caps are women’s size caps that have 2 straps that are attached on both sides toward the rear of the cap. They are pulled, then tied to the desired level of the tightness.
  • Wear it with any hijab you want to hold your hair back and keep it neat.
  • It holds it in your place. It is a great option to wear with transparent hijabs, or to simply give your hijab an accent hue.
  • The Bonnet is the most fashionable and practical hijab underneath a the bonnet of a scarf. It prevents the shawls and scarves from sliding.
  • This is professionally made from the finest silky lycra material with an elastic band that is placed at the nape of neck. It’s amazing how flexible, soft and light the fabric feels.
  • The one size that fits everyone since the ties on the back of the garment can be adjusted to suit your preference for comfortable and snugness. Supreme fabric is Supreme fabric is smooth and soft designed for ease of use, comfort and long-lasting.
  • The most flexible of scarves for underwear tie back bonnets let users to easily alter the fitting to provide the best comfort each time.
  • Hijab inner caps can help keep a scarf, shawl , or an Amira hood and prevent hair from being visible.

Ready to wear Hijab

According to the Zainab collection, a reliable prayer hijab combines practicality, comfort, and usefulness. Our makhana hijabs have been designed to be lightweight and cool, making them ideal for travel. We are hijab experts and our goal is to make it easier to style your scarfs every day. This means that you don’t have to iron or pin your scarf. Instead, this hijab can be worn as a casual scarf and no need to use pins. Because they are comfortable and discreet, our hijabs will provide comfort during prayers. These hijabs are versatile and available in bright colors so that you can wear them outdoors when you need to be prepared quickly. Buy makhana hijabs online to get free shipping anywhere in Pakistan.

Hijab Pins 

Hijab brooches and pins are essential accessories that can help you build your modest looks. The scarf pins we offer are designed to hold securely any material you like with no knots, allowing you to put together any hijab design in a matter of just a few seconds. Zainab Collection offers a range of stylish scarf pins and brooches to its customers . These are made to secure any fabric you want without knots or knots making it possible to put together any hijab look in a matter of just a few seconds. Our stylish scarf pins and brooches have a stylish design and an iridescent look to enhance your attire and take away the burden of re-fixing your hijab. Add them to your jewelry collection now and place an purchase for these fashionable hijab pins through our website

Online Hijab Shopping in Pakistan 
  • We are among the top Abaya manufacturers in Pakistan that can be trusted with distinctive designs, colors and unique materials. Our scarves are among the most striking fashions of the present. The timeless combination you pick makes you stand out and helps the difference. Our aim is to improve your experience shopping online for scarfs in Pakistan every time you buy something from us.